Another marine inspired figure. Protruding from the floor, emerges Blekksprut (Octpus in Norwegian) a swaying tentacle with a particular and unique interpretation of the suckers and a aluminium plates dorsal layer. The movement defines this organic figure. For its creation various materials were used: fibreglass, aluminium sheets, rivets, iron wire for the structure and epoxy in different states (from liquid to maleable form). It is left in mat white for permitting the eyes to observe the intricate alignment of the suckers, and the disposition of the aluminium plates. It was initiated in Denia and finalised in Madrid.

H 53 / W 18 / D 13/ 2 kg

Black octopus in Norwegian. This piece is the little brother of BLEKKSPRUT but in black. Movement is inherit to the octopus tentacles and this is the reason is a recurrent theme on my artwork. Made with a resin and fibreglass structure and suckers elaborated in epoxy. The back of the tentacle is made of aluminium sheets riveted to the fibreglass structure.

H 29 / W 11 / D 11/ 1 kg