Katie is flamboyant and exhibit with pride her colours, her feathers, antennas, etc. I used glass balls from China, silk and feathers from Indonesia and iron from Singapore, so she is truly Asian.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for me and she is made with different ideas I have seen, and some others are from my own imagination (the 3 eyes for example, and the feathers, WHY NOT?).

The legs and lower abdomen are pieces of metal soldered one by one and coated in black. The body is covered with 2 pieces of silk, one of them weaved with 2 colours togethers, that gives an interesting effect. The feathers are from a boa from by my daughters for a costume party, and I decided to give some of them an alternative use.

Silk, feathers, glass and metal iron (January 2015)

H 39/ W 20 / D 25 / Kg 3

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JIW Caterpillar