Japanese Turtle sculpture carries on the shell the symbols of 18 Japanese medieval shields. In the Asian tradition, turtles are very auspicious animals, and brings luck to their owners.

Metal wire , stone, papier maché (Jul 2013)

H 45 / W 43 / D 76 / Kg 4,5

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japanese turtle sculpture seals       JIW SIZE Turtle

This artwork was made in Indonesia. To create Japanese Turtle Sculpture I first made a solid wire structure and cover it completely with the “skin”. This is a thin wire rolled around the head, limbs and tail. Once this was completed I covered the wire to protect it and then modelled the shell with papier maché. As a result of this process very careful measurement of the shell had to be made.

The inspiration for the shields came from an Ukiyo-E book. They are families shields  of the Shogun period and were chosen purely by aesthetic reasons, specially relevant to where the seals are located.

The eyes are stones with caramel color because I intended to give mellow sight. I asked the great Edgar Allan Poe to pose with Japanese Turtle sculpture consequently you are able to asses its real size.