In this case, EMPTINESS is created around the eyes. They are two polished corals I bought several years ago in my beloved Panjiayuan market in Beijing. When I show them I fell in love with them and bought them immediately. It was just a matter of time that I link the sea creature with the coral eyes… The materials used are sheets of aluminum riveted together sheet by sheet. This technique (first time I used it on an art piece!!) allows me to give the desired movement I wanted this piece to have, with the eight tentacles in a twirling and twisting-like position.

Inside is hollowed (no suckers under the tentacles), thus the name. I wanted it to be just the skin, the shell, to give it a lighter and simpler appearance.

Aluminum and coral (November 2015)

H  70 / W 125 / D  130 / Kg 20

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