DOUBLE FACE ON A STICK sculpture by Juan Isasa

DOUBLE FACE ON A STICK sculpture by Juan Isasa

When you walk on the street and finds an old broom stick, what would you do? A double face buffoon of course!!! That’s what I did with this stick I found in the streets of Paris. I actually made this piece when I was living there back in 2000. Originally was made with flour, le Parisien and Figaro sheets and water. It represents anger and fear as two sides of the same identity.

After many moves and years the original materials cracked was almost lost. Just recently I decided to restore it and make it indestructible with fibreglass coat, new paint and epoxy. Now you can smash things up without hesitation (well…figuratively speaking of course, it’s not meant for that). You can parade with it in Venice or scare kids in Halloween. Just to name two functional uses to DOUBLE FACE ON A STICK

H 145 / W 34 / D 24 cm / 3 Kg

Fibreglass, epoxy, wheat flour, newspapers, epoxy

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BERT is spider is made of common iron wire twisted and re-twisted until I got the final desired look. The abdomen is casted in polyurethane from a mould (I have disposed of it in Singapore before moving to Spain, so there are only 2 such items) and coated with epoxy in bright yellow. Sculpture by Juan Isasa

I have a special attraction to spiders. There is something that attracts me in doing moe and more of them. What I really enjoy is shaping the abdomen. In this case I have made it with very long legs with an inner thick wire as frame and twirled with a fine wire all around the legs. I also have added segments of wire to give a different thickness to each section of the legs.

H 45 / W 38 / D 28 cm / 1 Kg

Polyurethane, resin, iron wire