scultura de juan Isasa

高45公分 / 宽38 / 深28 / 1公斤


BERT is spider is made of common iron wire twisted and re-twisted until I got the final desired look. The abdomen is casted in polyurethane from a mould (I have disposed of it in Singapore before moving to Spain, so there are only 2 such items) and coated with epoxy in bright yellow. Sculpture by Juan Isasa

I have a special attraction to spiders. There is something that attracts me in doing moe and more of them. What I really enjoy is shaping the abdomen. In this case I have made it with very long legs with an inner thick wire as frame and twirled with a fine wire all around the legs. I also have added segments of wire to give a different thickness to each section of the legs.

H 45 / W 38 / D 28 cm / 1 Kg

Polyurethane, resin, iron wire