Epoxy resin made, this eye is the natural continuation of my exploration of the human nature and more specifically the eyes. I have always take the eyes into great consideration in my artworks, because if believe is the most significant items that provides life and a soul to them.

I am concentrating here in the eyes solely, and I have made a mould to make a series of eyes with different iris combinations, some realistic and some whimsical.

H 6 / W 7 / D 7 / 0.5 Kg

Epoxy resin. July 2017

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ojo eye epoxy azam1 mould acrylic paint, ojo eye epoxy azam1 mould acrylic paint,ojo eye epoxy azam1 mould acrylic paint,ojo eye epoxy azam1 mould acrylic paintBombyx Mori or silkworm. This whimsical shape it’s a mixture of tentacles, a flower and 17th century Japanese silk print. Each element is a constant in my work.

I have made before tentacled animals, like EMPTINESS (octopus) and AMMONITES. I am very intrigued with the angles and twisting shapes. Some are covered with aluminium plates and some with fibreglass.

The flower shape opens its empty itself, simple, sophisticated and subtle.

The patterns covering two of the tentacles and the flower shape are inspired by the kymonos painted in woodblocks during the Ukiyo-E period in the 17th Century. Prints of the Ukiyo-E silk kymonos are a constant inspiration for my artworks.