We must celebrate life in all its forms. The beauty of this world is found in the interconnections between different cultures and in the mesmerising expressions of nature.

My artworks reflect the conception of ideas and their direct transformation into sculptures with a life of their own. I mainly use basic materials to enhance these metamorphoses of immaterial concepts. My works are stripped of all unnecessary details. Their minimalistic being highlights their own being and their interaction with the world around them.
Spanish born in Madrid in 1975. Ever since my teen years, i had a genuine attraction to art and I have making sculptures since my early teens. I have lived in several countries for different reasons: The Netherlands, France, Norway, Taiwan, China and Singapore.

Throughout these vital experiences I have developed my skills and style through pure dedication. I have been pushing myself to diversify in materials used (I profusely use now materials like epoxy, polyurethane, fibreglass, polyester, silicon casting, hollow glass microspheres, etc.) and also in evolving my style. I enjoy the diversity of this world and I try to reflect this on my art. I will keep pushing myself to become better at what I love to do.

Interview 123 Art Magazine – 18th April 2021