ANT_AGONISM sculpture of Juan Isasa

This is the second ant I have made, and this one is full black with a degraded white in the tip of the abdomen. It’s made with dyed wire of different thickness and an abdomen in epoxy and fibreglass. It’s heavy because I have not used casting for the abdomen. It is made by different coats to give the desired shape. For the body I have not used sketching nor measuring tape. I only use my hand to measure. The eyes are glass from Panjiayuan Market in Beijing.

Hight 43 / Width 86 / Length 92 cm / 10 Kg

Fibreglass, and epoxy


ANT_AGONISM escultura de Juan Isasa. Hormiga negra de alambe, cristal, fibra de vidrio y resinas. Es de un tamaño y peso considerable ANT-AGONISM escultura de Juan Isasa

Siempre quise crear un cocodrilo. Para dar los detalles que quería, tenía que ser grande. Pero un cocodrilo de tamaño completo es demasiado grande, así que decidí hacer la cola, que para mí representa la esencia del animal. Este es como vivo, traté de imitar los movimientos del animal.

¿Por qué azul? De ninguna manera iba a hacerlo verde. El amarillo era una opción, pero finalmente decidí optar por el azul, que es un color recurrente en mis figuras. Esta vez elegí una mezcla más oscura y con toques rojos en las puntas de las escamas.

BERT is spider is made of common iron wire twisted and re-twisted until I got the final desired look. The abdomen is casted in polyurethane from a mould (I have disposed of it in Singapore before moving to Spain, so there are only 2 such items) and coated with epoxy in bright yellow. Sculpture by Juan Isasa

I have a special attraction to spiders. There is something that attracts me in doing moe and more of them. What I really enjoy is shaping the abdomen. In this case I have made it with very long legs with an inner thick wire as frame and twirled with a fine wire all around the legs. I also have added segments of wire to give a different thickness to each section of the legs.

H 45 / W 38 / D 28 cm / 1 Kg

Polyurethane, resin, iron wire

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